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    Leading a healthy lifestyle has never been so affordable!

    IF YOU SPEND ABOVE $1,500!
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    Get your Free Delivery
    for every purchase of $499!

    We deliver to your door step so you no longer have to weave

    through throngs of people just to pick up your fruits.

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    Enjoy Safe and Healthy Organic Meals

    We directly import the freshest organic produce from all over the world, accessible to you within a few clicks.

    Everything is certified 100% organic, by strict regulatory authorities, so you know exactly what you are paying for!

    Do good to your body, and the environment. Say no to GMO crops and unethical spraying of chemicals.

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    100% ORGANIC

    Join our subscription program and get more produce for less!

    Get a HK$650 box of organic fruits and vegetables for only HK$588.

    Choose what you want in your box; we never send anything you do not want.

    At Catch, we ensure you receive the freshest produce of your CHOICE, at the best price.

Why choose us

Our delivery service

We offer same-day delivery and deliver to almost anywhere in Hong Kong.

Freshest Produce

We import these 100% organic certified produce directly. What you will receive is fresh off the tarmac! 

Wide Selection and Great Prices

We get to choose what produce to fly in, often based on customers’ requests, and thus have wide range of selection. Also, as we eliminated the middle man, we are able to pass on the cost-savings to you. 

Guaranteed Quality

If anything we deliver is not up to standard, just let us know and it will be on us!
I think you have a great selection and extremely good prices and very fresh quality.
On a final note, just wanted to say that I've enjoyed your device so much! The vegetables have been gorgeous and fresh and great quality, and super friendly driver. I love the minimal use of plastic and you've been fantastic.
Love the wide selections. Cheapest organic produce I have ordered. Even cheaper than the ones I get at the market!
I will certainly recommend your service to friends!